Wounds To Wisdom: The Survivor Series Volume 2

Wounds to Wisdom...The Survivor Series is a book in which 12 brave and courageous domestic violence survivors and witnesses share intimate details of their experiences. This collection shares how they survived, overcame, witnessed and supported loved ones going through this ordeal and now living a winning lifestyle after abuse.This book is dedicated to domestic violence survivors all over the world and to those whom have lost their lives to Domestic Violence, we respectfully tribute...Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, Fathers, Children and Friends. This book will breathe hope into others walking through the same thing that these courageous women/men survived. FOR BOOKING INFORMATION, kimberly.claborn@yahoo.com

About Me

Kimberly Claborn

Co-Author of "Wounds To Wisdom:The Survivor Series Vol 2

Kimberly Claborn is a childhood domestic violence survivor, who went on to help her mother escape her 24 year abusive marriage to her father. She has turned her trauma and pain into her purpose and calling in life. She now shares her story globally and shares the struggles along the way in helping her mother find freedom. Such as the flaws in our legal system when it comes to Domestic Violence and how police and Child Protective Services fail many families, as they did hers. Her main focal point in her fight to break the silence on domestic violence is Financial Abuse. Of course, many know of physical abuse. But many are not informed or educated in how Financial Abuse plays a big role in the cycle of abuse and why victims stay. Kimberly has partnered with The National Domestic Violence Hotline writing several articles for their website, as well as Youtube videos for their official channel. She was also in attendance of The Hotline's 20th Anniversary Banquet on, February 20th 2016, In Austin,Tx where a quote from her article was used in the nights brochure. She had the honor of meeting the CEO of The National Domestic Violence Hotline, Katie Ray-Jones. Kimberly has also made appearance on Dallas/Ft Worth Fox4 news, sharing her story and how she was selected by The White House Administration to attend the very first ever United State of Women Summit in Washington, D.C on June 14th 2016. In attendance with her was former President and First Lady, Barack and Michelle Obama, Former Vice President Joe Biden, Oprah Winfrey, Amy Pohler and many more influential starlets all there to talk about female rights and female empowerment. Kimberly's latest endeavor is co-authoring a domestic violence survivor series, Wounds To Wisdom: The Survivor Series Volume 2, with 10 other survivors all sharing their personal experiences with domestic violence. Some familiar faces in this book are Yamma Brown, the daughter of legendary singer, James Brown. As well as former NFL player for the New England Patriots, Kannoris Davis. Kimberly hopes to continue to share her story in big ways and pursue her passion and purpose. Turning her pain into a purpose.